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Wright Service Corp. and Spectrum Resource Group Announce Partnership

A message from Wright Service Corp. Chairman and CEO Scott Packard


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I’m excited to announce that as of October 20, 2017, Wright Service Corp. has officially commenced a partnership and investment in Canadian-based firm Spectrum Resource Group. Our relationship with Spectrum Resource Group will provide enhanced synergies in the markets we both serve, primarily in the services of vegetation management.

Spectrum Resource Group is a natural resource and vegetation management solutions provider working actively in forestry, oil and gas, utility and community resource industries across Western Canada. They specialize in reducing the spread of invasive and noxious weeds, maximizing crop-tree growth and survival, mitigating fire hazards, and providing for the security of assets.

Over the course of the last several months, we have been meeting with Spectrum Resource Group’s leadership team to discuss the details of this partnership. Our companies offer services that complement each other well, and we’re aligned in such a way that we’ll both reap the benefits. The decision to pursue this venture will support our long-term growth strategy and will continue our leadership in the vegetation management industry. We don’t predict many changes to our daily operations. We plan to maintain our offices and service territories as well as our entire employee base.

The partnership will provide enhanced synergies in the Canadian and U.S. markets in the area of vegetation management. The companies plan to maintain separate offices and service territories as well as retain all employees.

To learn more about Spectrum Resource Group, visit their website.