Wright Service Corp. News

  • Five Keys to a Partnership That Works

    How Wright Service Corp. (WSC) and MAP Consulting Have Collaborated to Stay the Course and Get Results Many employees at WSC have heard of MAP, which stands for Management Action Programs. MAP is a business and executive leadership coaching firm that has collaborated with WSC in the implementation of the MAP Management System, which helps…

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  • Using a Learning Management System for Effective Employee Training

    Continuing to train and develop employees is key to growing as an organization. Each employee, department, division and company requires different training to meet their needs. The success of any company is ultimately based on the skills and knowledge of its employees, which means companies must invest in training and facilitate the development of all…

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  • The Role of Employee Engagement in a Safety Culture

    One key to building a stronger safety culture is to first build levels of employee engagement. An engaged employee thinks and acts like an owner, and because of that they not only remain safer on the job, but they are also much more likely to help you lead a safety culture. The primary reasons building…

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  • The Importance of ESOP Companies

    Employee ownership is a proven model to build healthy companies and workers who are highly satisfied with their jobs. When employees can see a direct link between the work they do every day and the overall health of their company, it provides a powerful incentive for them to do well so the company does well,…

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  • The Safety Side Effect

    Common sense tells us that leaders play a special role in the performance of their employees, and there is substantial research to help us understand why this is the case. For example, Stanley Milgram’s famous studies of obedience in the 1960s demonstrated that, to their own dismay, people will administer what they think are painful…

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