Employee Owner of the Year

In October 2018, Wright Service Corp. announced an award program called the Employee Owner of the Year Award. This program serves as recognition for an employee within the Wright Service Corp. family of companies who is an outstanding citizen, exhibits the characteristics of an employee owner and the values of our company, and makes contributions in the best interest of the company.

Wright Service Corp. accepts nominations for the Employee Owner of the Year Award each year in September. Nominations are judged by a committee with the winner announced yearly in October.

If you are an employee of Wright Service Corp. or any company in our family of companies and would like to nominate a fellow employee, please fill out a nomination form below. Please note that you have to be an active employee to nominate, and the employee you’re nominating must also be an active employee. Only one nomination is allowed per nominator. Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to the Employee Owned page of the website.

Disclaimer: Although union employees are eligible to be nominated and win the Wright Service Corp. Employee Owner of the Year Award, we will not be able to submit the employee for regional or national consideration.

Winning Prizes

  • A $500 check with special recognition from Chairman and CEO Scott D. Packard
  • An honorary framed certificate upon time of announcement
  • A special invitation, recognition and plaque given at the Wright Service Corp. Annual Awards Banquet
  • Feature in the company-wide bi-annual newsletter, The Wright Perspective
  • Feature on the Wright Service Corp. website (below)

Winners of the Employee Owner of the Year Award

2022 Employee Owner of the Year – Sarah McFadden

Sarah McFadden“Sarah’s passion for the success of WSC is astonishing and what drives Sarah to provide quality work. She is always willing to drop what she is doing to provide help or training to anyone that needs it. Sarah is a reliable and trustworthy person and is all about taking the initiative to make sure the job gets done the Wright way. It has been such a pleasure to see her professional growth throughout her time at WSC. She really has been a crucial part of the Field Data Solution Project and of course, the payroll team, and her commitment to her role has been exceptional. She is a true inspiration. Her passion for wanting things done right raises her above most. Sarah doesn’t just go through the motions of executing a process, she learns what she is doing, why she is doing it in a certain manner, and the cause and effect of what she is doing. This allows her to fully understand the total concept and consequences of her actions which, in turn, allows her to look for ways to improve the activity. I have worked directly with Sarah at making tasks less manual and more time efficient and her insight is invaluable. Again, her PASSION is a key element in enabling Sarah to excel and be admired by many as an expert in her field. Yet, she is humble enough to inquire and research when she hasn’t mastered a concept and is always hungry to learn more, gain additional insight, and collaborate in achieving the highest possible level of proficiency.”

2021 Employee Owner of the Year – Alejandro Reyes

“Mr. Reyes is always going above and beyond for WTS,” his nominator wrote. “He is always looking out for his employees and making sure they get the proper training available… I have never seen so much dedication for a company. He is always looking for the best solutions for his brothers and sisters. He truly comes to work every day with a smile and the willingness to do what is best for WTS, always representing the company and it values.”

2020 Employee Owner of the Year – Ken Venzke

“I have never met someone so passionate about their career, who they work for, and who they work with. Every day, Ken is spreading excitement to everyone around him, all the way down to the newest employee,” Ken’s nominator wrote.

2019 Employee Owner of the Year – Alison West

“I have found few individuals that surpass Alison in their dedication and leadership qualities. Alison arrives at work with a positive attitude, a big smile, and, much of the time, a very loud and contagious laugh. Getting the job done and done right is a very high priority for Alison. Wright is very lucky to have somebody like Alison as an employee,” Alison’s nominator wrote.


If you have questions about the Employee Owner of the Year Award Program, please email [email protected].

Nomination Form

Nominations are now closed for the 2022 Employee Owner of the Year. The winner will be announced in October.