About Us

Wright Service Corp. is a prominent leader in several environmental services industries, as the parent company to Wright Tree Service, Wright Outdoor Solutions, CNUC, Terra Spectrum Technologies, Sustainable Environmental Consultants, Wright Tree Service of the West, Spectrum Resource Group, ArborCare, Verdure Elements, Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation and Transcon Environmental.

Wright Service Corp. has been employee-owned since 2002 and headquartered in Central Iowa since 1933, when Wright Tree Service was founded by John L. Wright.

Together as a family of companies, Wright Service Corp. provides integrated vegetation management, forest management and reforestation, technology solutions, consulting and operations, commercial environmental products, and residential and commercial landscaping, tree care, interior plantscaping and other outdoor and indoor services.

Core Values

It is everyone’s responsibility — we each own it.
We abide by the highest ethical standards.
We continually strive to exceed our customer’s expectations — and our own expectations.
We anticipate our clients’ needs and we deliver creative services & solutions.
It is how we operate and we hold each other accountable.
It is our foundation; it is who we are.


Wright Service Corp. is a unique family of companies in environmental services, with a number of sustainability initiatives taking place across the United States and Canada. We wanted to share our journey through a sustainability report or as you’ll notice once released, our preliminary corporate social responsibility report. It’s our way of showcasing how we’re delivering the highest level of professional, safe and environmentally conscious services and solutions to the industry, public and the communities we work and live in. We’re investing in our employees, enabling our family of companies to provide new and innovative services, adding mutual value to our stakeholders and clients.

The report show below was released in spring 2021 and highlight the progress we’ve made and will continue to make regarding:

  • Safety
  • Employee Well-being
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Community Engagement



1933 John L. Wright founded Wright Tree Service

1961 Wright Service Corp. was formed

1982 John R. Wright became president and CEO

1993 Residential division Wright Tree Care was formed

2002 Wright Service Corp. transitioned from a family-owned company to an employee-owned company

2006 Heard Gardens was acquired

2007 Wright Tree Care merged with Heard Gardens to form Wright Outdoor Solutions, and CNUC was acquired

2008 Terra Spectrum Technologies was founded, and Wright Tree Service of the West formed

2012 Sustainable Environmental Consultants joined the family of companies as joint venture with Wright Tree Service

2013 Sustainable Environmental Consultants transitioned into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wright Service Corp., and Wright Outdoor Solutions purchased The Growing Concern, adding indoor services to their full-service outdoor business

2017 A partnership with Spectrum Resource Group was formed, expanding the Wright Service Corp. footprint to Canada

2019 Wright Tree Service acquires ArborCare based out of Calgary, Alberta. Wright Outdoor Solutions acquires Verdure Elements located in Omaha, Nebraska

2020 Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation launched as a separate nonprofit organization outside of the family of companies focused on fostering innovative solutions in renewable agriculture and vegetation management

2021 Transcon Environmental was acquired, adding to our family of companies


Service Territory

Wright Service Corp. Territory Map