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2021 Wright Canada Holdings Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

We’re excited to present the 2021 Wright Canada Holdings Sustainability Report, a preliminary corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. It is our inaugural report for our Canadian entities.

As a company that is made up of environmental services, we understand the responsibility we have to strive to protect all ecosystems. Both as a company and as individuals, we want to make positive environmental, social and economic impacts in the communities we serve. Sustainable business is good business, not only for our employees but also for our clients and the public.

This report is comprised of information from Spectrum Resource Group, Wright Tree Service of Canada, ArborCare®, and CNUC of Canada. We encourage you to read through our inaugural report and learn how Wright Canada Holdings is a leader in providing sustainable environmental solutions to the industries we serve that align with our core values of safety, integrity, excellence, teamwork, innovation and family.



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