Wright Service Corp. News

  • Get Educated About Cybersecurity

    Protecting yourself online is just as important as protecting your home or car from burglary. Modern hackers and cybercriminals can launch sophisticated attacks that may be difficult to recognize. The number one weapon against cyber theft for any person or organization is knowledge. Educating yourself and your organization can drastically reduce the risk of a…

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  • Leadership at an Employee-Owned Company

    Leadership takes on many shapes and forms. We see leadership examples all around us in our daily lives. Mothers leading children, coaches leading players, and managers leading staff are all illustrations of leadership that influence us as we go through life. Leadership styles can vary greatly and leaders are influenced by their environment. This is…

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  • Stories of Employee Ownership at Wright Service Corp.

    Follow along as employees share their stories of employee ownership at Wright Service Corp. Videos will be released sporadically and added to this page. John Griffiths John Griffiths started with our family of companies in 1999 and is still with Wright Outdoor Solutions today. Hear how being an employee owner has impacted his time with…

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  • 2017 Wright Service Corp. Year in Review

    Below is Wright Service Corp. Chairman and CEO Scott Packard’s speech for Wright Service Corp.’s Annual Awards Banquet that took place on March 9, 2018 in West Des Moines, Iowa.  As Midwesterners, we rarely pat ourselves on the back, nor do we stop to celebrate our milestones. But every once in awhile I like to…

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  • Truthful, Specific and Positive Feedback Goes a Long Way

    Feedback: it is a compound word. The first word is feed. I believe we as leaders, as parents, as partners, should be in the habit of giving truthful, specific, and positive feedback on a regular basis to nurture and FEED those people who look to us for criticism. Look at those first letters: T, S,…

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