Wright Service Corp. News

  • Stories of Employee Ownership at Wright Service Corp.

    Follow along as employees share their stories of employee ownership at Wright Service Corp. Videos will be released sporadically and added to this page. John Griffiths John Griffiths started with our family of companies in 1999 and is still with Wright Outdoor Solutions today. Hear how being an employee owner has impacted his time with…

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  • Truthful, Specific and Positive Feedback Goes a Long Way

    Feedback: it is a compound word. The first word is feed. I believe we as leaders, as parents, as partners, should be in the habit of giving truthful, specific, and positive feedback on a regular basis to nurture and FEED those people who look to us for criticism. Look at those first letters: T, S,…

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  • The Importance of Planning and Having a Road Map

    One of my favorite sayings came from a TV show in the ‘80s. I know I am dating myself, but I am sure most of you have heard of the show “The A Team.” It was a corny show but my favorite part came at the end. After the good guys had narrowly defeated the…

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  • Training and Development: Getting Started

    I may be biased, but I believe training and development has the potential to impact every part of a company. Pick up any issue of Forbes, Fast Company or Inc. and you’ll find articles written about this very topic. There’s no denying that companies across the globe are realizing that employees are the heartbeat of…

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  • Wright Service Corp. and Spectrum Resource Group Announce Partnership

    A message from Wright Service Corp. Chairman and CEO Scott Packard   I’m excited to announce that as of October 20, 2017, Wright Service Corp. has officially commenced a partnership and investment in Canadian-based firm Spectrum Resource Group. Our relationship with Spectrum Resource Group will provide enhanced synergies in the markets we both serve, primarily…

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